We have been in the health and fitness industry together our whole adult lives, we have walked the walk and talked the talk. Now with our years of combined wisdom, we see that the old models of ‘dieting & exercising’ are not working, let alone healthy.

We built PTHQ together to share what we have lived our lives leaving and breathing.

We know how to be Healthy without needing quick fixes, tricks and other products that have little to do with your health. We aim to Simplify health and fitness, which has become over complicated. 

We want to help you gain this knowledge yourself, we also aim to bring better trainers and coachers to the industry by educating new trainers to grow into excellent personal trainers and coaches. This will then flow onto the wider community, to change their lives and we believe the state of our Plant.

Our dream is BIG, but we believe we are all worth the effort.

Visit our Powers Training HQ gym in Mount Hawthorn and to see how we can help you!

Powers & Christ



Being part of the Fitness Industry for over
20 years has allowed me to build vast experience that I pass onto clients so they can reach their fitness goals and maintain them themselves.
I believe everyone deserves to have the health, fitness and body they want.
Time to live your dream, Call me!

Christie Powers

Christie Powers

Now in my mid 40’s having been in the fitness industry my entire life, I have a lot to offer.  I have watched myself and others ‘trying’ to obtain health and the body I wanted with many unhealthy practices.  I have dieted, tried quick fixes, spend hours of my life ‘TRYING’  through exercise, counting calories and marco’s and still end up sitting in the same confused spot and still getting fatter! 

I am no longer confused!  I have spent the last few years immersed in studying Whole Food Plant based nutrition, diabetes and obesity education, it has change my life, changed my body, it has changed our entire family lives.  Exercise and food are things that should add to your lifestyle, it should NOT take away, and if you are finding it confusing or hard then you my friend are doing it wrong.


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Educating people with the principals of how to build lean muscle mass, lose body fat, with a Whole Foods Plant based lifestyle and the knowledge for people to maintain this for themselves.

Guiding people to get back into balance and to have more control over their bodies and ultimately their lives.

Through eating Whole Plant Based Foods, exercising in a healthy and maintainable ways and building a healthy balance between work and rest, you will gain Mental, Physical, and Spiritual health.  

We believe healthy bodies, equal a health world, regardless of our differences we can work together.

If you are interested in changing not only your health but Our Earth’s health and all who live on it, walk with us.

Build Lean muscle, Burn unhealthy fat, through serious strength training and whole food nutrition. We are old school bodybuilders with a better perspective on health.

Perth’s only Plant Powered gym.

Want to change your Life? get in touch now!

Our Mount Hawthorn gym is conveniently located near the surrounding
suburbs of Leederville, North Perth, Glendalough, Joondana & Coolbinia.

– Powers & Christie-lee

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“I’ve been with Powers for 12 weeks and I’ve lost 10 kilos, 15% body fat…
The lifestyle change for me has been Phenomenal.”


Reneee Marcolina
“I’ve been with Powers for 12 weeks and I’ve lost 10 kilos, 15% body fat…
The lifestyle change for me has been Phenomenal.”


Reneee Marcolina